Samsung Youm With Flexible Display

Sunday, July 22nd 2012. | SAMSUNG

Samsung Youm picture Image

Samsung Youm With Flexible Display

Samsung will launch a smartphone with AMOLED screen flexibly to their Galaxy series. Smartphone with flexible display will be named Youm. Samsung promised to produce a smartphone with a flexible screen in 2012.

Smartphone screen is very thin, three times thinner than the current screen is 1.8mm thick. Youm screen thickness is 0.6 mm. Samsung Youm will combine Ayar flexible AMOLED display with the current.

Samsung Youm wallpaper Image

Samsung Youm With Flexible Display

To stage Samsung Youm flexible display will be protected by non-flexible glass instead of a flexible plastic layer used in flexible devices. So this smartphone Samsung will have a flexible screen but the screen is not really flexible because of the seal by ordinary AMOLED.

Maybe Samsung will release a smartphone with a truly flexible screen after releasing Samsung. Samsung plans to release a device with a screen flexible at the end of 2012. As for the mass production of a real flexible display panel to start doing in 2014.

Wallpaper Samsung Youm With Flexible Display