Samsung S2 vs Samsung s3 Review

Sunday, June 17th 2012. | TEST PHONE

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Samsung S2 vs Samsung s3

Samsung S2 vs Samsung s3 Review- 2 Sunday have tried to compare Samsung Galaxy SIII with iPhone 4S, this time will try compare Galaxy SIII back with his own cousin the Samsung Galaxy s2. We all know that Samsung Galaxy SII is a phone that has good quality, samsung has the form of good design in the appeal SIII samsung, clamshell They have a nice body, while the siii looks plasticy and a little bad. Besides the operating system the phone is also very different. Samsung Galaxy s2 still using Android 2.3, while the samsung s3 already using Android 4.0. SIII also supports all the latest network connections except for WiMax. Both these phones have the same memory, this phone are both equipped with 16GB memory. From the results of the review samsung revealed the following we will, for who wins and who loses please you set yourself.

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Samsung S2 vs Samsung s3

The following comparison result samsung review of Samsung S2 vs Samsung s3:

Samsung S2 vs Samsung s3 Processor:

Samsung S2 vs Samsung s3 Processors on samsung s3 very good in comparison galaxy s2, s3 are equipped with the latest 4 processor Exynos unusually rapid, denagn 1.5GHz quad-core CPU at s3 can do almost anything. As for the sii very much compared to s3.

Samsung S2 vs Samsung s3 Camera:

Samsung S2 vs Samsung s3 Samsung Galaxy complement these two products with 8 Megapixel camera, front camera for galaxy s2 equipped with a 1.3 Megapixel camera while the samsung s3 equipped with a 1.9 Megapixel camera. In addition s3 have a good lens, s3 is the best camera phones in its class.

Samsung S2 vs Samsung s3 Design:

Samsung S2 vs Samsung s3 Samsung s2 has a 4.3 inch screen size, the size is deemed fit for samatphone size. galaxy S2 also has a brilliant color and contrast of the light is good. galaxy S2 has two screen sizes, which is 4.3 inch and 4.5 inch. The screen size on the s ii is the ideal, this phone is more Midah used.

As for the s3 samsung phone has a screen size of the largest of all the 4.8 inch samsung. One of the phones that match samartphone s2 samsung screen size is the HTC One X, HTC has a screen size that is not much different with samsung s3 screen size.

Samsung S2 vs Samsung s3 Screen:

Samsung S2 vs Samsung s3 galaxy S2 has a great screen SuperAMOLED, s2 color contrast is very high, and additional panels of glass between the OLED display and touch-sensitive glass makes the display visible in daylight. S2 has a resolution of 800 × 480 pixels.

While the for samsung s3 not use SuperAMOLED on the screen. Samsung s3 choose to use a view Pentile, Pentile RGBG staining system for pixels. With a wide screen and 720p display, GS3 will provide more accurate color and will display a clear image. Samsung S3 has a higher resolution, brighter and clearer for samsung s3 zoom specs.

The second appearance of this phone has a clear distinction, s2 galaxy has a great view, they have a nice clamshell body, other than that s2 also has a comfortable frame viewed. As for the samsung s3 looks kind of ugly, s3 samsung looks too glossy, and too much plastic.

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Samsung S2 vs Samsung s3

Samsung S2 vs Samsung s3 Battery:

Samsung S2 vs Samsung s3 galaxy s2 battery of the phone is very bad, this is a major drawback samsung galaxy s2, while for the s3 have a good battery, the 2100mAh. power conservation in s3 samsung has also been improved in both hardware and software, this makes siii much better than s2.

Wallpaper Samsung S2 vs Samsung s3

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