New Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 Full Review And Features

Sunday, August 25th 2013. | SAMSUNG

Smartphone New Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3  is phablet which has the largest screen of Android to date. Currently all phablet in circulation over the counter almost everything using a screen measuring about 5 inches. Smartphone Galaxy Mega 6.3 in addition to being the largest screen with Android phablet, it turns out there are still plenty of other advantages presented by a device New Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 . Smartphone Galaxy Mega 6.3 6.3 screen comes with the “SC-LCD capacitive touchscreen HD (1280 x 720 pixels) resolution (233 ppi), 16M colors. The inside there is a Dual-core processor 1.7 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon Krait 400, with 305 Adreno GPU, up to 64 GB Micro SD. You’re curious, here are the complete specs.

Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 New Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 Full Review And Features

New Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3

New Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3  Design

Design smartphone New Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3  is still using Samsung Galaxy S3 as a source of inspiration. While the layout of the buttons and ports around the body also does not change with the power button on the right and left side volume. To recharge the battery there is a micro USB port on the bottom. While the usual audio port perched on the top

Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 Images New Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 Full Review And Features

New Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3  Hardware

New Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3  offers Dual Core chipset speed 1, 7GHz Qualcomm. To support the performance of graphics and gaming, embedded 305 Adreno GPU. That performance was substandard, Samsung provides Mega 6.3 with 1 GB of RAM. As for storage space is already pinned the internal memory of 16 GB, which can be worn for 12 GB. You can also add a micro SD card capacity up to 64 GB.

For the battery, used lithium ion battery with a capacity of 3200mAh. This is because the Galaxy Mega has a very wide screen, so as to make increased power consumption

New Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 Screen

The screen used the New Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 is a capacitive TFT display, measuring 6.3 inches, with resolution of HD (1280 x 720 pixels).

Because of this large screen, to use a Samsung Mega 6.3 is not recommended with one hand. Even though it’s been embedded software that facilitates one-handed operation mode, but the outrageously large dimensions will certainly make it prone to regardless of the grips.

New Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 New Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 Full Review And Features

New Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3  Interface And OS

New Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3  already equipped with the latest Android operating system overlaid with Jelly Bean interface TouchWiz, the mainstay of Samsung. In the position of the screen is locked, you can add the icon.

Enter the homescreen will have 5 pieces of each screen contains a myriad of widgets and shortcuts to the various applications that have been pinned by Samsung for Mega 6.3.

Enter the menu, you will be greeted by a row of menu icons and widgets are organized in a grid format is horizontal. Display the menu page background with gorgeous brightly colored transparent.

In the Galaxy there are some typical features of the mega Samsung you can activate using the physical buttons provided.

New Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 Camera And Video

Cameras that use New Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3  is 8MP camera on the back, and the front of the camera 1, 9MP. Right under the hole embedded camera flash light that serves to help shooting in conditions less light.

As for video recording, the camera is able to produce Mega 6.3 pictures with a resolution of FullHD1080p speed 30 frame rate per second.

There are settings such as white balance, ISO, face detection of up to effect also pinned by Samsung. Uniquely, you can also set Your volume control button as the button shutter button or zoom button, record.

New Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 Multimedia

To enjoy entertainment, New Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3  equip with a music player that already comes with sound effects, equalizer, settings menu and so on. Palm features Motion also allows the player to stop the music when the phone is flipped in a face-down position.

As for the video player, Samsung apply fresh new interface. At the top, you can see your last video playback in the menu recently played. Featured pop up video play and live video thumbnails that were previously present in the Galaxy Note had also been included therein.

New Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 Internet And Connectivity

You can use the internet connection speed 3G HSDPA maximum of 21Mbps. Samsung 6.3 Mega also already supports Wi-Fi connection dual band multi standard. Galaxy Mega 6.3 also already using NFC chip which can be used to Exchange data. In addition to the NFC, you can also use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct. Other features such as DLNA and data cable has been supporting port MHL has also supplied by Samsung.

New Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 Flagship Feature

Some of the applications used on Galaxy Mega 6.3 was previously also found on other Galaxy series, but there are interesting features that are worth a try is the Group Play that allows you to share images and documents including giving highlights in the image are distributed. You can also play multiplayer games using the Group Play.

Besides Samsung also provide S Translator is a language translator application using media Blackboard and sound. You can also use TripAdvisor app that gives you recommendations on recreation, restaurants, hotel and flight schedule info.

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