iPhone 6 Specifications Leaked

Tuesday, August 13th 2013. | APPLE

iPhone Smartphone 5S or also called the iPhone 6 is a new version of the iPhone will be launched this fall. Heard the news that the new iPhone 6 no drastic changes in physical appearance, but graphic designers and artists Johnny Plaid depicts a drastic update of iPhone 6. According to Johnny Plaid, the iPhone 6 will be very thin, while the flash move opposite direction with a camera, while the microphones will be on the side of the camera.

iPhone 6 Specifications Leaked

iPhone 6

Plaid in the Business Insider also reveals a black color version will be more streamlined and slick as usual. In addition, he also said this latest version will have a new Retina screen, in addition to the concept of REALD. Not only that, there is also the concept of the minuscule like mini on the iPhone.

“The iPhone 6 will have the same size right with the iPhone 5, but you have a wider screen display considering the over the edge,” said Plaid. Mobile base will integrate multi-touch gestures. “Shift the bottom of the screen lets you access shortcut, while hold it will activate a Siri. “Plaid also said that press left or right will enable different functions, depending on the application.

iPhone 6 Specifications Leaked

It includes the display edge to edge the more optimal, multi-touch sensor at the bottom, and technology integrates new charger MagSafe. Display edge to edge make advance cell phone is wider and longer. It’s like Motorola’s design has recently been introduced on its latest smart phone, Moto X.

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