Cheap iPhone Photos Leaked, Use A Plastic Casing

Friday, April 19th 2013. | APPLE

Cheap iPhone Photos Leaked 2013 Cheap iPhone Photos Leaked, Use A Plastic Casing

Related to the presence of cheap iphone photos leaked again circulated. Now re-emerging photos iPhone casing made of plastic, it was sort of expected that cheap iPhone. Seen in the cheap iphone photos leaked that the casing used the glossy, which is already available ‘holes’ to feature camera, LED flash, volume buttons and buttons for silent mode. The casing has a thickness of 04-06mm, and it seems bigger than the iPhone 4/4S.

Many say if the cheap iPhone was going to come, it is likely that processors will use the A5 processor is 32nm. As for screen  is the Retina display 3.5 inches. For camera is expected to use a 5MP camera. Is this really cheap iPhone smartphones will emerge? we’ll wait.