• LG G3 Specs, Release Date and Rumor

    LG G3 LG G3 now has begun to manifest themselves, in addition to the LG G3 smartphone image, specification of LG’s latest smartphone also leaked to the public. With specifications that will be used, no doubt if the LG

  • LG G2 Mini Launched Globally April 2014

    LG G2 Mini Launched Globally April After LG G2 Mini unveiled at the mobile world congress, finally a mini variant of the LG G2 has been confirmed will be available worldwide, starting next month. LG G2 Mini will be

  • New LG Optimus Exceed 2 Appears

    New LG Optimus Exceed 2 Some time ago LG is reportedly preparing a new generation of wearable device series G, this time LG will soon release the latest Optimus series named as new LG Optimus Exceed 2. It is said

  • iPhone 6 Released September With Two Versions 4.7 And 5.5 Inch Screen

    iPhone 6 Released September iPhone 6 release schedule re-emerged into the public, is expected Apple will release two versions of the iPhone 6 this year, which is 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches. The screen used iPhone 6 is larger

  • Motorola Moto G Forte Ready to Launch

    New Motorola Moto G Forte Motorola Moto G Forte is the latest variant of the previous Moto G, different from the Moto G old version, the New Motorola Moto G Forte will offer “Resistant Rock”. So it can be

  • Blackberry Windermere Has Emerged To The Public

    Blackberry Windermere Some screen components are thought to belong to the BlackBerry Windermere has emerged to the public. Site N4BB this time to upload some pictures of the property of a component called the BlackBerry Windermere. Previously this site

  • iPhone 6 Will Use 8 MP Camera Sensor

    iPhone 6 Camera Sensor Almost all new smartphones released in 2014 offers a high resolution camera that is captivating, it does not seem to apply to the new Apple smartphone. As said Apple Insider, Apple will still say that use

  • LG L70 Launched In April 2014

    LG L70 Smartphone LG L70 is a midrange smartphone that offers the latest software, including Android 4.4 KitKat and Knock Code. LG L70 is expected to release in April 2014. Smartphone LG L70 also offers features such as 4.5

  • BlackBerry Kopi is back

    BlackBerry Kopi Some time ago the launch of the BlackBerry Kopi canceled, saying it failed to BlackBerry Kopi produced in December last year. But recently the BlackBerry Kopi image reappears in social media china. The BlackBerry Kopi design looks

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom comes with a 19MP camera

    Samsung Galaxy S5 Zoom Samsung rumored to continue to develop other variants of the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone, which is the latest variant of the Zoom line-up which is a variant of the camera Galaxy S5 smartphone. It is